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Getting things done faster

How to Get things done faster

Easy and fast way to get a task done
Stop looking at the inner part if you want to see clearly, take a look at the surface to avoid distraction. The inner part get you distracted, unenlightened, out of focus, out of sight, you will get to see your image.
What I mean by the inner part is the issue, which may come or appear in various form, depending on what the individual is involve in. Why the surface here is use to refer to the task, I know it may start looking confusing because, there are two things involve “issue & task”
Issue here is use to describe every thing that pertain to the task, whereas the task here is what you need to be done, actions that is required to be carried out. That is what required (solution), which means every task have a solution by not looking at the issue but the tasks involve to move faster.
 We always get stuck from moving because we want to get enlighten of every details, instead of proceeding to the next stage. God have win the battle for you all you need to do is catch your fun by praising him, stay in line to get access to the next stage, everything is not about the brain some are what you feel, the brain may slow you down but your feelings will get you faster of which your brain will get use to. The best way to get rid of pain is to force it out, not too fast, but in the right way. Always learn to face your fear before it get rid of you or else it may happen vice versa, he who fails to plan automatically plan to fail, plan ahead and work on it and pray so that God can crown your effort with success.

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