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Moving to the next level

LEARN TO MOVE TO THE NEXT                                      LEVEL

 Every human on earth will always seek to go to the next level without moving or rather preparing for it all they want is “I want to go to the next level” .
It is good to aim higher but the question are;
What you are doing presently will it take you to the next level?
How did you intend to get to the next level?
Is it by your money or your idea?
Are just saying it or you are also working towards it?
There are so many questions that an individual need to ask him/her self, the point is every word, desire, aim, should go with action of which will lead to positive outcome. You will not know what you are capable of doing until you Start doing something, don’t just process your ideas in your head alone Start working towards it, because a step ahead is a step forward. Instead of you complaining of all sort of things, why don’t you Start looking for solution, stop wasting your time complaining it will not lead you anywhere you will only get stuck in the same place, so never waste your time to start thinking of your failure rather learn from it and start looking for a way out.
If you are careful enough your failure in a part may open doors to your next level, that is if you are careful enough to see.  It is all about getting calm, once you are calm you will overcome, achieve just believe and have faith.
Haven notice all these, the second thing you need to note is that you have to up grade from your present position. How will you know you are getting out of date is not only because of the fact that you are ahead of some particular group of people rather it should be by your daily activities.
How do you examine these is by your time, human brain is created in such a way that it can calculate and process out some information in such a way that your whole body will give out the results even without you noticing it. At times you do things unconsciously without you noticing it. why is this so, is that your brain as being program to function such way, the same you can do to move to the next level all you just need is to Start doing the right thing and avoid the wrong doing, because the right thing will lead you to the right place, of which will lead to achieving positive result.
Make a stop to all irrelevant activities because they only lead you to nothing, instead go for what is relevant to achieving your goals and objectives. A person who refuse to extend the length of his/her compass will keep moving in the same direction.  
And finally make sure you start and end all your work with God
#when it is all about you it will always end with you #
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