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Overcoming obstacles

How to overcome obstacles

Do you know that there is nothing called obstacle after overcoming them, they only become obstacles when you keep thinking about them instead of you to keep moving and leaving it behind. Overcoming them will become as easy walking when there is strength in you.

Obstacle in a broad sense means something that impedes, stand in the way of, or hold in the way of. Obstacle may be in various form, depending on various situations.
Many will say obstacle in most case always stand on the way to success. The saying is right but you have to understand that when you fail to overcome them it lead to your failure. Overcoming them require a lot of strategic thinking which are as follows;

1.you identify your obstacle
3.make an alternative
4.Evaluate alternative
5.choose among alternative
6.Implement alternative

1. Identify your obstacle; who is that being or what is that thing that serve as obstacle’s right  before you, label them according to the level of threat they pose to you. before you can proceed there is need for you to identify and label such  obstacles, having done this, that is when you can move forward to the next stage.      
2. Diagnose; to diagnose means to determine the cause or reasons why they serve as obstacles to you. Research have shown that 80% of those that have identify the real cause of problem that serve as obstacle have always prevail over them, because it has always give room, that is opportunity to determine the common way of solving them.

3. Make an alternative; make an alternatives that is, develop another way of solving them, a way that will make you overcome easily and that can also make you perform exploits. Make sure there is more than enough alternative, put them in other according to their level of important, in order to give room for proper evaluation.

4. Evaluate alternative; evaluating among the chosen alternative means to determine how effective and efficient those chosen alternative can be of help in overcoming your obstacles faster and easier.

5. Choose among the alternative; here is the time to chose the best of all the evaluated alternative that is less stressful and that can be easily applied. Choosing right alternative means doing things the right way instead of looking for short cut which may lead to creating more problems.

6. Implement the chosen alternative; you don’t just have to just go through all this stage without actually implementing chosen alternative. Implement the chosen alternative now don’t postpone them till tomorrow to start achieving positive result.

Having properly putting all this six step in place, then those things that serve as obstacles will become things of the past.

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