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Strategy To Goal Achievement And Making Dreams relevant

Have you for once think within yourself the reason why things happen. The situation you find yourself should not make you a failure rather it should be a land mark to improve further.
You should start seeking for solutions, solution that will give you rest of mind. That is, not solution that cannot be discussed publicly (bad and wrong solution).
 Using bad solution may make you achieve your goal for some a limited time, it will also create chances for more problems, instead it is require of you to go through the right way to achieve the best result.
Don’t ever be down with your problem instead you should take advantage of it by not failing and been cautious of not falling into it again, doing this will make things to be done and achieved faster.
Your first failure should not be the end of your trial instead it should be a milestone for greatness, things will get tougher for you when you stop chasing your goal, but it will be easier when you keep trying.
If you are the type that judge your success based on other people’s achievement, it is not a bad thing, what is bad about it is looking for a way to bring those people down, what should be done rather is make them as a tool to motivate yourself.
Avoid distraction they will only make you slower toward achieving your goal, people may take you as a failure, you will end up being a failure once you agree to be a failure, so choose not be a failure by making a step towards success a step ahead is a step forward.
The first reason why you need to motivate yourself through them is that, they will keep energizing you, giving you a different mindset at the same time refining to you to improve further, people that are better than you should not be your enemy rather they should be your friend, keeping them around will help you to improve beyond your limit.
 Nobody is perfect, you are not perfect, but that should not limit your achievement the sky should be your limit, aim higher don’t be too low, you are filled with wisdom, start discovering what you can do,  there may be limit to what you can achieve, things happen for a reason, always look for a way forward, in the process of looking for a way forward never for once choose the wrong way, it will always lead you to the wrong road. Every wrong way is a wrong road, destroying someone else record will not take you beyond where you are, instead creating an avenue to improve further into break such record should be your goal.
The second reason why you need to motivate yourself through the person ahead of you, is to give you enough reason why you don’t have to stop improving, getting focus to overcome every obstacles, reason for a leading edge.
 Everything is all about time, plan ahead and stick to the plan then success is all yours. A deceitful plan will take you down, make you not to grow further, get you stuck within the same level.

But never forget to start with God and end it with God, man effort with Jesus lead to record breaking, pray so that he can make every of your hearts desire will become a reality rather than dreaming, with God all things are possible.
#preparation with opportunity equals success #

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