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How to become consistent with winning always

How to become consistent with winning always

Are you one of those already or planning to give up because you have fail in almost every part believe me your problem is solved because you are on the right time
 just exercise patient.

In mine own philosophy I will say a person announce winner and loser are both winning but from a different angle, the loser have learn to win and at the same time learn to lose, same applies to the winner, he has learn to win and at the same time learn to lose. Which means both have won in term of learning, because learning is a way of life.
Which implies that you either learn to win or lose, what make you a real loser is to not learn from your failure.

Remember things happen for a reason either for you to get stronger or weaker, the choice is yours, everything that happens in a man life have it own reason, figure out what yours is, but the question is: why should you be weak rather than been strong?
To be consistent with winning you need to make the following a habit;
Learning from your past
Plan ahead of failure
Don’t relax on your achievement
Be specific, focus and calm
Stop complaining and start seeking solution
Start making proper use of your time

Learning from your past; learning from your past will serve as guide to you and it will give you a greater edge over others. That is your past should be a guide to achieve your future goal (dream), take it as a compass to lead you in the right direction. Make learning a culture, nobody is neither too small or too big to learn. Stop making people do almost everything for you rather you should learn how to do it, you cannot say  when you will actually need what you have learnt. No knowledge is a waste by making proper use of them, it only become a waste when you fail to make proper use of them.

Plan ahead of failure; start planning ahead of failure, develop a lot of tactics, praticalise what you have learn, arrange them according to their order, choose the best out of it, and make it part of you, with that you have memories, assimilate and understand how to tackle your problem when they arise.

Don’t relax on your little achievement; don’t ever for once relax on your achievement thinking it is enough, have it in mind where you stop is another person starting point, always bring out the best out of you.

Be specific, focus and calm; be specific and calm always show confidence but not overconfident, to avoid losing control, and also in other to proceed further. The secret to success is in your hand, you will only identify them by doing something, from every action you take, you can make satisfaction. You will not value what you have until you lose, what this means is that value all you have and put them to proper use, they useful when you make proper use of them, they will also become useless when you miss use them. Opportunity comes once don’t be ignorant of it.

Start something new; you also need to start something new, and worthy, things you are proud of doing any day, any time, anywhere. Start with your idea, you don’t know how far you can go until you start with what you have. Every great man on earth start with what they have to achieve greater things. what is that thing you have? Start making proper use of them and be zealous about it, it will earn more than you can imagine.

Stop complain rather start seeking solution; Stop complaining of your failure instead you should start seeking and making solution, don’t just dream start making it come into reality by taking step, a step ahead is a step forward.

Start making proper use of your time; a time well spent is a time earned, be precise, straight forward and specific with your action avoid unnecessary things only give focus to those things that are essential.

To round it up believe and have faith in God with him all things are possible

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