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Offline pc to mobile wifi file transfer app|you should have

Offline pc to mobile wifi file transfer app|you should have

 Many have always been faced with the problem of transferring large files from their pc to their mobile device as result of USB failure and faulty Bluetooth which lead to slow file transfer and at times termination of files been transferred, a lot of people keep asking the question of how do I transfer large number of files from my pc(computer) to my mobile phone or from my mobile phone to my pc (computer)? If you are one of those that have been asking this question, I will say you have actually come to the right platform, you will not need to search the web any more for how to transfer file from pc to your mobile device, because there will be a step by step guide on how to transfer file from pc to mobile and vice versa. For those that have always asked how do I transfer Microsoft document from my device to my pc which has always been failing this will also guide you and help to transfer your Microsoft word document file from your device to pc with ease. Things needed; • Android device with a wifi hotspot connection. • Pc/mac with any window operating system. • You don’t need a USB cord or Bluetooth connection to transfer file. To send a file from pc to your mobile phone, you will need to have XENDER installed on your android mobile device alone, after successful installation click the send icon after that click connect to pc then click create hotspot connection, an hotspot connection will be created immediately.

You are to complete the set up installation of transferring file from pc to mobile by clicking your WIFI icon on your pc/mac to connect to the newly created hotspot connection name Xender, haven’t done this go to any browser of your choice on your pc to type exactly the same ip address you see on xender app after creating an hotspot connection click enter. Once you have done this you will be promted to accept on your phone click accept.

with all this you are now free to send any file from your device to pc and also upload from your pc to your device.

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