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The key to achieving greatness through effective use of time

 Many have always wondered what is really slowing them down and why they are really lacking behind despite the fact that they are trying hard, Age does not limit greatness but time does.
            Here is a simple illustration to show and prove to you that time really matter towards been a greater person;
Let start from age five(5)what you actually do is to  play with your time and sleep alot, let assume you sleep around 9pm and you wake up by approximately 6am in the morning the number of time at which you have spent sleeping  is (9 hours) out of 24 hours which make a day in week that will be (9hrs*7=63hrs) in a year it will be(9hrs*365days=3285hrs), by this calculation out of ( 8760hrs/12mnth=730hrs)in a month, while in a year(24hrs*365=8760hrs) mind you, “3285hrs” has been spent idle while sleeping, which implies that you will actually waste four and half months

(3285hrs/730hrs=4.5month) in a year,7.5 month will be the time left and it is also the actually the number of month you have used while you are awake.
            If you have actually been keeping 9hrs of sleep from age 5-24 years then I will say the analysis of the months you have wasted while you are asleep will be (4.5*19=85.5month) 85.5month which is equivalent to (108month/12month= 7.125years) has been spent while sleeping out of 19years from age 5-24, which also implies that your brain has just been active for only 11.875 years while 7.125 years is gone.
            So, with the above analysis you must have been convinced that you have actually been wasting a lot of time to sleep, which has also been a barrier for you to think in other for you to achieve great success.

The power of the brain cannot be under estimated, start making proper use of them and you will start experiencing greater success.
            Hence, it should be noted that despite the fact that some are awake they still end up wasting their time doing irrelevant activities some of which is getting fully drunk which has been limiting their ability to think toward achieving greater success.
            By the analysis above you should know that time is wealth, how you actually make use  of your time really matters, no wonder while there will always be genius because they hardly sleep, they make use of drugs before they could sleep. The point of all of this is sleep at the perfect time rather than wasting your time on irrelevant activities also while you are awake do something that will lead and motivate you to do more which lead you to greatness, if you really want to be great. The time is in your hand it is, make learning a habit, things your mate will be struggling to get in years to come learn them now.

            Have this in mind “provide solution to people problem and not create problem” that is be a problem solver and not a problem itself.

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