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The life Of An Eagle To Exhibit

In order to be an eagle in whatever field you find yourself there is need to possess or inherit the quality of an eagle, you should Start flying instead of walking like a chicken. Remember all eagle are once an offspring and gradually develop into a full grown eagle after inhabiting and adapting to what it take to be an eagle. Some of the quality it takes to be an eagle are as follows;
·         Always aim higher
·         Have a good vision
·         Learn to fly higher and start flying higher
·         Use whatever tool you have to dive in whatever direction you want
·         Use tools you can trust in and not what may fail you any time.

To be an eagle as never been a day job, it requires a step by step process while inhabiting and practicing what it takes to be an eagle. Just the way a baby learns from its surrounding what it takes to be a grown teenager before gradually becoming an adult is the same way it takes to learn what it takes to be an eagle. Nothing in this life comes without regular practice either consciously or unconsciously.
You will never develop or be who you have always dream of by just dreaming alone, you are no longer a kid or dreamer boy instead you should start practicing and exhibit what it takes to an eagle with whatever you have, that is it goes beyond just dreaming but it require action.  
1.   Aim higher don’t ever for once think lower, mind you always start from the scratch, everything in life as always been a gradual process when you start from scratch, it will help you grow without facing much difficulties and also to get things done faster. prove: before becoming a fully grown baby you have grown from various stage before actually becoming a fully grown baby after nine month or less in the womb.
2.   Have good vision: ever eagle always have good eye sight they are never for once shot sighted, they have clear vision, they see every object from distant while flying, pick any object on the way they find useful and ignore one that is less useful. They implement good plan and carry them out they are about to pick an object of choice.
3.  They learn to fly high and start flying higher: every eagle have always learn to fly and immediately they learn to fly high they fly higher everyday without any limitation.
    Use whatever tool you have to dive in whatever direction you want: the wind always help the eagle fly high and higher, use your environment around to gain enough strength to fly higher, always take every disappointment a reason to fly higher. Your environment may be either economic, social, cultural environment. Whatever environment you find yourself use them to fly high, don’t just spread your wings study your environment in other avoid unnecessary crashing when flying.   
5.   Use any tools you can trust in and not what may fail you any time: an eagle as always have a feet to walk but use it wings most of the time because they trust their wings more than their feet. Don’t be a chicken rather be an eagle
To round it up the journey of a successful man as never been a day job, don’t expect everything to start falling to plan in just a day. Never for once say someone else has been doing what I am planning to do, the reason is because you can do better.
With All this the LiFe Of An Eagle Can be Exhibited.

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