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Plan to achieve your first six figure.

This are the first five plan of action that you should never ignore to achieve your first six figures;
Planning, Organizing, Coordinating, Controlling, and Maintenance.
Planning: before you can start anything at all, the first thing you are to do is to carry out a thorough plan, design, layout, compute and make a complete research of what you are about to carry out. This will help you to generate a huge figure of data, information, ideas and diverse options that you can put into different strategic use which will create room for more better plan and advance option. It will it will also make it easier for better Organizing of data which will help to reduce stress.
Organizing: having created a thorough plan of action, the next in line is to organize each data, information, ideas and figure, into different strategic option which will make it easier to categorize for easy identification and implementation. For example imagine you trying to build a house without proper list of all the materials listed for easy identification of price, without anyone telling you should already know that you will fall short of material of which you may end up building a house of low quality which might lead to quick collapse of such building, so also is your business going to be without proper organization.
Coordination: when you have good and well organized plan without proper coordination it will lead to a zero based plan, more like pumping out a water from a well without a scheduled time for it to stop. Which may lead to overflow and also complete destruction of the entire plan of action. Which implies that you should always ensure proper coordination to avoid a zero based plan.
Controlling: A well and accurate plan without control will get out of control, so also is a business plan without accurate plan will get out of control, of which my lead to doing half job all the time without completion. An uncontrolled task is more like a task without plan of action, a task without a proper check of progress, Imagine a human body getting out of control it is more like a body that have been completely paralyzed. Which implies that all must involve a proper plan, organization, coordination, control before maintenance.
Maintenance: In order to make this simple for you to understand, Coca-Cola company will be the case study here. Have you ever wonder why Coca-Cola company manage to still exist in the global market today, despite advancement and innovative techniques apply by other competing company. It is because of proper maintenance over time, which has always been in capable hands which help to ensure continuity.
# Out of your weaknesses create strength, out of every threat bring out opportunities.

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