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Quality of a star you should start exhibiting


     They shine bright when it is dark.
·         They are unique in it own nature.
·         How bright they are cannot be known except they shine.
·         They don’t shine in daylight because everywhere is bright already.
·         Stars create light out of darkness.

Take a look at the aforementioned quality above and tell me which of them did you think possess, if you don’t have any quality as a star then you are not yet a star, only those that posses the quality of a star are called star.
NOTE: those that possess the quality of a star are not star until they start doing what a star does, star shine and do not hesitate before they shine out of darkness. When you have a group of stars together they call them galaxy, what you want to be called depend on those you are with, which simply implies that if you want to be called a star you work alone, also if you want to be called galaxy you walk with other stars.

Do you know that stars don’t just shine, they actually shine when it is dark. What this simply means is that for you to actually become a star you need to actually shine around the dark situation you find yourself. If you refuse to shine, then am afraid to tell you that you are not yet a start, stars are not afraid of darkness, because they believe it is actually the right time to glow, that is to shine brighter than any one can imagine. You are not called a star for the worst part of you, instead what you do best is what actually what make people call you a star.
                Imagine you sitting down at home doing nothing and yet you still want people to call you a star, even you yourself cannot call someone who sit down at home doing nothing a star, you just have to shine brighter instead of thinking about the odds things and bad situation around you.
Let me tell you little secret about problem you don’t know they actually gain strength that moment you spend all your time thinking about them instead of you actually finding a way to get out of them. The difference between yesterday and today is your attitude and action you put into the day. The question now is what will you do today?

Make today a different day by start shinning, do what make you happy things that people will be proud of, things that is worth celebrating of. One of the thing I like about life is that, the day never wait for anybody, as time flies the day move forward. It is now left for you to either grow with the day in wisdom, knowledge and understanding or vice versa. A day without learning new things is much more like putting a water in basket instead of a bucket that can retain water. Value everyday because once you miss it there is no going back, it is only the future that can be adjusted.
   So what are you waiting for start shining make each day count to achieve your dreams, start planning for your future, make sure a day never goes by without achieving anything.
Lastly always be prepared for the worst don't let it caught you unaware, overcoming obstacles is what makes you stronger, falling behind is what makes you a loser "don't underestimate the power of the brain" make use of it regularly.

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