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Bill gate and Mark Zuckerberg – rules of question marks and full stop

Denote: Question Mark (?) Means question to problems.
Full Stop (.) Means Answer and solution to problems.

The thought in each and every one’s mind will be how does this relate to Bill Gate and Mark Zuckerberg and what is the rule of question mark and full stop referring to ?

The statement above is a perfect example of question mark rules, because they are all question and the answer to it which will put a full stop to the statement above is as follows.
The rule of question mark (Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gate): starting with bill gate, he use the first rule which is question mark when he was making the decision through question  on how to exploit his gift and talent, putting them into public use of which later makes him to become the bill gate the whole world knows today.
Mark zuckerberg on the other hand start hos own rule of question with how do I connect two or more people together , who are those to work with me, how can I be unique, self-employed and also be reliable at my service ?
 All of this starts with a question that is why they are called the rule of question marks.

The rule of full stop(.) : Bill gate first assessment of full stop is how to put an end to question mark which is by converting all questions to answers, how he did it was actually by dropping out of school. My point is actually not for everyone to drop out of school out of school but to an end to all question and start finding answer to all questions. Mark zuckerberg also apply the same rule of full stop of which have help him achieve his unique answer to his entire question.
What is similar between these two individual is the fact that they are both drop out of school but not anymore, in fact right now I will say they are both professor in their own discipline. And also they actually make proper use of full stop and question mark.
# The world is full of idea pick, choose and make a difference with yours.
#Apply full stop instead of question marks.
#Don’t be in a hurry, be cool and calm always, you rushing will lead you to know where.
#Give your idea a shot and don’t give up easily.

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