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The Basic Marketing Guide Every Business Owner And Marketers Should Know

Many business owner have always find it difficult in one way or the other to perform excellently in their area of discipline. In fact I will say many have failed completely as a result of them not been exposed to the right information they need. Achieving Great result in any business firm has not been a day job, but it has been a  gradual process.
          Theses five stage will help you understand whom your customer are, it will also help you to restore confident for you to become that successful business person and marketer you are. All of this stages is highly imbedded in Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needed. There is no way you will escape this as a marketers or business owner. Permit me to first state the five Abraham Maslow hierarchy of need, before telling you how it will help your business grow without Measures.
1. Physiological needs.
2. Safety needs.
3. Social needs.
4. Safety
5. Self – actualization
1. Physiological needs: This is the first and most important aspect every marketers and business Owner must pay attention to, because it is the first and essential tips which help you to determine who you want to sell a product or offer a service. Before offering a service or try to sell a product to a potential market, the first and foremost thing that needed to be done is to have a thorough examination and evaluation of the market, examine the consumer behavior, that is those you that you want to sell your product to. Your potential customers should be well examined by grouping them into class based on their buying pattern, they can be group into elite, middle class or the masses. It should be noted that when you done a cross examination of the intending or current market you will be able to satisfy your potential customer physiological need.
2. Safety Need: when trying to market a product or offer a service to a customer/ client always make sure you let them know they are safe by laying emphasis or educating them on how safe the product or service you are rendering to them is, and how it is different from every other products they have been using.
3. Social Need: having a full understanding of the social need of the consumer or customer have great way to determine how you can actually influence, change and impel the buying pattern of a consumer or potential customer. Consumer are been drive by a force which impels their action to make purchase of a product. Thus it can be said that unfulfilled needs impels individual purchase decision. What are those things you think should drive your consumer to buy your product or pay for a service.
4. Self Esteem: after building a good name for yourself don’t ever for once start exercising pride neither should you put yourself too low, try to stay in between. Remember the clause “ consumers are always right” since you will not consume all your product yourself.
5. Self Actualisation: this is the final stage, at these stage the product or service you are offering should have been a highly recognized product, that you will not need too much advert or do more promotional activity before your customer make purchase. It should also be noted that at this stage you should start showing prove to your customer or potential customers which will make them buy the product without any doubt of the result.
The relevance of this Maslow theory to business owner and marketer is that it will help you understand the dynamism of human needs and  it will also help marketers adopt it marketing mix appropriately.
If you find this guide useful comments and share don’t be the only to benefit from this, help other business owners and marketers grow.

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