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Discovery:Scientist Finally link Human Brain To Computer

A group of researchers at wits college in johannesburg have come out of seemingly nowhere and without delay related a human mind to the internet for the very first time.

Connecting the human mind to a simple laptop isn’t that easy. Whilst the likes of elon musk and the united states navy’s secretive technology wing are having difficulties with this form of augmentative technology, it appears a chunk sudden that another studies instituted with appreciably less funding has managed it. So what precisely have they achieved?

In keeping with a press launch, the group of neuroscientists and engineers have used an electroencephalogram (eeg) – a tool that detects electric indicators in the mind – to transmit neurological pastime to a cheap raspberry pi pc.

This then live streams the information to a software running on a website that every person can view at any time.

So, it’s not quite what you could have been imagining. It’s basically a technical window into a person’s neural activity that’s open access. To be fair although, this is a global first, and the reasons at the back of the undertaking are honorable.

“in the end, we’re aiming to permit interactivity between the user and their brain in order that the person can provide a stimulus and spot the reaction,” venture coordinator adam pantanowitz, a lecturer within the wits school of electrical and records engineering, stated in a assertion.

Despite the fact that researchers staring at eeg readings do this already, this effectively allows more humans, inclusive of the concern themselves, to peer what’s taking place up in their head.

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  1. Brain is more voluminous than the computer operating system, but human haven't used a fraction of the brain capability, nice post by the way.